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Domain Alexandre Bain in Pouilly-Fumé has shaken up the landscape of this appellation with his biodynamic and natural wines in a style very different to that of his neighbours. With memorable maturity, generosity and exotic notes, these wines are not to be overlooked!

The son of a winemaker, Alexandre Bain set up his own domain in 2007 at Tracy-sur-Loire (Pouilly-Fumé), after studying oenology at the Beaune Lycée Viticole and after various placements where he worked in particular with winemakers who use natural, organic and bio-dynamic methods. Today his vineyard, covering an area of eleven hectares, has biodynamic certification and is worked using horses. The wines are made without any inputs (indigenous yeasts), they are neither chaptalised nor filtered and contain virtually no sulphites. Alexandre Bain places great emphasis on harvesting his grapes once they are completely ripe. This tends to lessen the Sauvignon's varietal aspect (boxwood aroma) while emphasizing the terroir instead, but on the other hand it brings out the mineral quality and a fine acidity. Bain's originality means that his wines do not full under an appellation. Regardless of this wine lovers remain loyal to him. With rare candour, Alexandre Bain's wines express the typical characteristics of their terroir; they are deep and generous, with pure aromas and incredible drinkability.

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Alexandre Bain

Alexandre Bain
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Vin de France Pierre Précieuse - Vin de France (White)

100% sauvignon

One of the Loire’s gems, this irresistible wine strikes the perfect balance between a clean texture and ripe aromas.

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Vin de France  Mademoiselle M

Vin de France Mademoiselle M - Vin de France (White)

100% sauvignon

A natural and authentic biodynamic wine full of finesse, superb minerality and freshness.

All prices
Vin de France  Les Grandes Hâtes

Vin de France Les Grandes Hâtes - Vin de France (White)

100% sauvignon

A balanced cuvée with tautness and ripe flavours.

All prices

Vin de France L d'Ange 36 Mois d'élevage - Vin de France (White)

Sauvignon Blanc All prices

Pouilly-Fumé L d'Ange - Pouilly-Fumé (White)

100% sauvignon

Although this cuvée has been reclassified as a Vin de France, it is still a gem of a wine from one of Pouilly-Fumé’s iconic producers.

All prices

Vin de France L'd'Ange - Vin de France (White)

100% Sauvignon Blanc All prices

Vin de France Champ Couturier - Vin de France (White)

100% Sauvignon Blanc

Captivating, refined, energetic, surprising, charming... The list goes on!

All prices

Pouilly-Fumé La Levée - Pouilly-Fumé (White)

100% sauvignon

With its pleasing balance between intensity and delicacy, this Sauvignon Blanc cries out for pairing with gourmet dishes.

All prices

Vin de France N°21 - Vin de France (Red)

100% Pinot noir

A Burgundian Pinot vinified in the Loire by one of the region's rising stars.

All prices

Vin de France N°89 - Vin de France (Red)

Pinot Noir, César

Alexandre Bain remet au goût du jour le césar, un cépage bourguignon oublié avec lequel il assemble de pinot.

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Vin de France N°68 - Vin de France (White)

Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner

A lovely blend of Alsace grapes and Sauvignon Blanc mastered by Alexandre Bain.

All prices

Vin de France N°07 - Vin de France (Red)

100% Gamay

A delicious Gamay vinified by Alexandre Bain in the purest Beaujolais tradition.

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What the guides say...

  • La Revue du vin de France
A follower of biodynamic viticulture, he harvests his Sauvignon ripe, matures it in barrels and adds only very few sulphites. Neither chaptalised nor filtered, with no yeasts added, these natural wines are golden and generous […] a new star is born, and we predict that this domain will have great success.
  • Bettane & Desseauve

  • B+d

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