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Who hasn't heard of the chef Jean Darroze? An emblematic figure of Landes gastronomy, this south-western chef has passed on his passion for cooking, fine wine, and local spirits to his son Francis Darroze. The latter quickly developed a sophisticated palate and, from the 1950s, began searching for lesser well-known Armagnacs. This project went so well that, in the 1970s, he had a cellar dedicated to ageing built. Next in line was his son, Marc, who continued this tradition of seeking liquid gold – this collection is now available at iDealwine.

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Francis Darroze 50 years 1961 Of. Domaine de Busquet mis en bouteille en 2011 Brut de Fût - Francis Darroze (Brown)

A Bas-Armagnac from the Busquet estate distilled in 1961 and bottled in 2011 by Darroze after being aged in oak cask for half a century. Busquet is a small estate in the village of Labastide d’Armagna... All prices

Bas-Armagnac Château de Gaube - Bas-Armagnac (Brown)

100% Baco

Come and discover what Baco, a variety unique to Armagnac, has to offer.

All prices

Bas-Armagnac Domaine de Bellair (45°) - Bas-Armagnac (Brown)

60% baco, 40% ugni blanc

Freshness and character are the words that encapsulate this exceptional Armagnac.

All prices

Bas-Armagnac Domaine de Busquet - Bas-Armagnac (Brown)

100% Folle blanche

The Darroze company presents this unique Bas-Armagnac, made from distilling Baco grapes, a hybrid created specifically for the region.

All prices

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